Electrical Project

Electric transformer protection system _zero burnt system.

Electric transformer is use to power supply to home and industry.

Every year million of Electrical Electric transformers burnt due to various

Billion losses of repair, replace, and power supply cut.

We can done zero burnt Rate, new technology welcome to protect the Electric


Electricity 1 Rs per unit for house and industry supply possible.

Electricity is a bone of modern life, everything depend on electricity.

But problem is electricity price going increase day by day, 6 to 12 rupees.

Government given subsidy on electricity price to control it.  

By saving power loss and using technology, Electricity can be given at Rs 1 unit.

Therefore, there is no need to set up new projects worth crores crores of rupees.

With the support of electricity companies and consumer, by setting up a small project of a few rupees, electricity will be available 1 Rs per unit.

Conscious consumers and power supply companies should immediately adopt this concept so that nature, wealth, coal and energy can be used appropriately.

The government and consumers will save billions of rupees annually.